In my career as a business analyst I have worked with a multitude of web programmers and design teams. Hands down, Ananda Web Services is the best of them all. The team leader guides the client competently and comfortably down a timely path that informs and inspires them to articulate the highest intentions of their web project. State-of-the-art technical skills plus stellar graphic design and content writing capabilities then bring about the delightful fulfillment of those best intentions. Ananda Web Services delivered all we were promised, and more!

Pat, Ananda Laurelwood

I LOVED having both of you here. I felt so inspired from all the workshops and started using the tips right away in formatting event pages, using the text view more than I was previously, etc. I am so happy to have my notes to refer to as I go forward and for the improvements that we made to our website during our Laurelwood web clinic. I think the vibration that you shared was the most valuable. I could feel your friendship, enthusiasm and confidence and all the possibilities for reaching people through the web. I really appreciate how much the web services group reflects on the teachings and core principles shared by Master and Swami. Thank you for this deep blessing.

Sharon, Ananda Laurelwood

The sensitivity, responsiveness and execution were extraordinary. It was a genuine pleasure to work with you and the team, it felt seamless between your members and the group who are most closely active within the Ananda Portland/Laurelwood environment. It seemed that the ideas we presented were easily assimilated and translated into a functioning and beautiful site.

Daiva, Spiritual Director of Ananda Portland and Laurelwood

Just going over our website critically helped us to see how others view and use it. The most useful was relating what we went over in theory, to something concrete on our site. My most useful takeaway was not to be afraid of working in code.

Rashmi, Ananda Seattle

Your dynamic class was helpful and clarifying for such a complex subject. You are like a tugboat, helping us understand where to start and how to get to a larger audience with fewer wasted steps. The light and cosmic approach you used drew me in and kept me engaged with the information you shared.

–Virya, Ananda Village

Sharing Nature Worldwide, which has a reputation as being one of the most effective approaches to nature education in the world, has always wanted to have high quality and beautifully designed work that reflect our ideals. Surya is a master designer whose works touch not only the mind, but also the heart. He is quick, efficient, and most importantly a truly delightful person to be with. You will not be disappointed with his work by any means. In fact, you will keep coming back for more!

– Greg Traymar, International Director of Sharing Nature Worldwide

The web integration with our database, website, and newsletter has made us much more efficient. Rather than spending time on administrative jobs, now we can focus more time on serving individuals and growing the community. We can't thank you enough! Also, the training on Asana for tasks and project management is very useful. We are collaborating on different projects and retreats with it. The simple change you helped us make to our newsletter has already increased our sign ups. We are getting 2-3 a day now as compared to just a few a month! Can't thank you both enough. I'd highly recommend your services to not just any other Ananda center, but anyone!

Narayan, Spiritual Director of Ananda Los Angeles

We came looking for a professional team who could translate the heart and services of Ananda Laurelwood into a beautiful and functional website, one that could inspire and inform those who visit the site, and one that would be easily manageable by the local staff. We also sought an inspired logo. All of these were accomplished elegantly, efficiently and with ease. We cannot recommend the services of the Ananda Web Development team highly enough. Thank you!

Daiva, Spiritual Director of Ananda Portland and Laurelwood

Ananda Web Services video production team has done a superb job capturing the vision behind our creative projects and turning that vision into a compelling story. The videos we have created together have brought tears, laughter and heart-opening joy to those who have watched them. Storytelling through this medium cannot be more important in today’s busy world. What AWS is able to do for us at Ananda Sangha Worldwide is invaluable.

Gita Matlock, Director of Development for Ananda Sangha Worldwide