Janaka Foundation
The Janaka Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the support of Ananda, with a focus on estate planning. Janaka’s flower “mark” was an existing asset, and so the design of this logo was a refresh with a new type treatment. The direction was for the logo to look professional and welcoming.

The Expanding Light Angel Campaign
This logo is for a fundraising effort for the The Expanding Light. Jyotish had the concept for this campaign, and did a pencil sketch of angel wings with the joy logo between the wings. The final logo is a full expression of Jyotish’s concept.

The Joy Singers
The Joy Singers are a group of four Yogananda devotees who are dedicated to spreading the music of Yogananda and Swami Kriyananda. They asked for a logo that would be friendly, uplifting, and joyful. They use this logo on t-shirts as well as on their website, so we had to choose something simple but versatile.

Ananda Center at Laurelwood
This logo is an adaptation of the home page header on the site for Ananda Center at Laurelwood (anandalaurelwood.org). Laurelwood is a rural retreat center and college campus, so the use of the tree with leaves blowing over the name speaks to the blend of nature, upliftment, and education that is part of their mission.

Meditation Bench.com
Meditation Bench.com is an Ananda family-owned business, selling meditation benches, cushions, and many other meditation supplies online. Krishnabai Kretzmann, the daughter of the owner, presented a pencil sketch of a lotus and a person sitting in meditation. The resulting logo is a color graphic representation of the sketch, with an accompanying type treatment.

Dwapara Yoga
Dwapara Yoga is a yoga & meditation studio in Hawaii that focuses on the teachings of Yogananda. The owner wanted a modern logo that would work on signage as well as on the web, and one that reflected ancient yogic teachings.

Sharing Nature Worldwide
Sharing Nature’s tagline is “Experimental Nature Activities to Uplift and Inspire.” This client requested a flying swan, based on a previous logo.

Foundation for a New Tomorrow
The Foundation for a New Tomorrow is an organization with a mission to raise financial support for several non-secular Ananda organizations, initially Sharing Nature and Education for Life. The logo is based on the ancient “flower of life” symbol.

Education for Life
The four spirals in this logo represent the outward flowing energy of the four aspects of Education for Life: body, feeling, will, and intellect.

Inspiration Tutoring
This logo was created for a private tutor who uses the Education for Life principles. He wanted a clean logo with naturalistic colors.